Services: Environmental Audit ISO 14001

Did you know?

Environmental Audit ISO 14001

EN ISO 14001:2004 describes an Environmental Management System:

“14001” may be used by any organisation wishing to develop a formal environmental management system. 14001 is used to establish your current position through an environmental aspects review. Environmental aspects are elements of your activities, products or services that can interact with the environment.

The review covers four key areas:

- Identification of environmental aspects
- Identification of applicable legal and other requirements
- Examination of existing management practices & procedure
- Evaluation of previous emergency situations and accidents.

How can we help you? We can assist by;

- Preparing your Environmental Policy
- Helping you set objectives and targets
- Assessing competence, training and awareness
- Helping in communication to key staff
- Documentation
- Emergency preparedness and response
- Evaluation of compliance

What is in a typical environmental aspects review?

A recent review of a business included; an examination of air pollution risk, biodiversity on the site, dangerous substances, energy consumption; both electricity and gas, groundwater quality risk, hazardous waste, legionnaire’s disease risk, packaging, pollution prevention, procurement, rain water disposal and surface water protection, recycling opportunities, sewage management, waste disposal including electronic & electrical equipment (WEEE Directive), water use & conservation and Zero Pollution targets.

Our auditors are trained in the International Environmental Rating System and through the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management.