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VDU Assessments
RSI and back problems are just two common injuries sustained through poor design and use of workstations. The result is sick leave and, in extreme cases, loss of a valued employee through permanent disability. Although the assessments are quite time consuming, the health consequences can be serious and you are also protecting yourself as an employer against compensation claims.

The legal obligation to perform workstation assessments enables you to take simple preventative action. One of our consultants will send a self-assessment questionnaire to your employees. This will be followed up with a physical inspection of the working space.

Advice will be offered to the employee on factors such as how to organise his or her work space and how to sit properly for optimum comfort. Information is given to the employer on general improvements such as positioning of computer equipment and selection of chairs.

Whether your need is for 5 or 500 assessments, contact us to discuss your requirements.