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Other Health and Safety Services
When we carry out a risk assessment, systems for managing health and safety emerge as one of the weakest areas. This is often due, especially in small to medium sized companies, to limited in-house resources. However, these procedures make life easier and safer, and in some cases are legal requirements. We can offer the expertise to supply the following services:

Health and Safety Management System Review
We identify strengths, weaknesses and areas where improvements can be made in your current systems, preventing potential hazards from being overlooked and ensuring any emergency is dealt with efficiently.

Safety Policies and Procedures
We produce policies and procedures in a user-friendly format, free of technical jargon. This means roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and safety procedures understood and adhered to.

Safety Auditing
We recommend a return visit to carry out a safety audit six months to a year after our initial assessment. This is a useful check for you as a manager that all hazards have been dealt with effectively.

Health and Safety Appointed Persons Service
Many organisations are not large enough to justify a full time health and safety professional or have short term recruitment issues. We can fulfil this role permanently or on an interim basis or act for as appointed person for specific functions.